Jun 13, 2015

Things to Do to Increase Height Naturally


It is highly embarrassing and frustrating to be shortest child in the family. Additionally I also see the majority of my school and classmates look down at me. Initially I could never point out the reason because I never figured out whether it happened because I never took my vitamins or that I never engaged in playing basketball as much as all the other kids. I always wanted to boost my height as it was very embarrassing and also very difficult to get a spot on the high school football team.

If you relate to my situation, you would have the same question as me: how do I raise my height using natural methods? Fortunately there are quite a few ways to begin with which could help you grow taller than you are now. As always there are two sides to every coin and there are a few things to keep in mind and understand so as to conceive the results better.

Looking at the genetics should be your first task

In my younger years I often asked my parents and other member of the family about tips to help me grow taller. I soon figured out that my family has a mix of tall and short members which meant I could grow taller in future, but I didn’t know how. Darwin Smith has explained the concept of genetics in grow taller 4 idiots program which is a complete guide, available online.

List out the things that hamper the growth

I quickly understood that my laziness during my younger years were a reason for me to be so short. This fact motivated me to design a daily exercise regime which helped me stretch my bones and muscles.

By listing these factors out you can easily spot the ones that help and the ones that harm your growth process. Taking up things which help the former are highly recommended.

Check for a hormonal imbalance

Hormones in the human body are paramount to the growth and wellbeing. An imbalance here may shunt growth. The pituitary gland the vessel which secretes the growth hormones.

Different results for different people

We all know that every human being is special and has a different body. So it is obvious that the results will be pretty different as well. Some may spurt taller by 4-6 inches while some may gain only a few inches.

So sit down to figure out the factors that stopped me from growing taller. I listed out the things I never tried or continued during my years at high school. I never paid heed to what my experienced grandparents had to say. Maybe they were just saying but taking up a ball sport and taking naps in the afternoon do help you grow taller and stronger.

How I boosted my height naturally

  • Healthy diet: maintaining a proper diet which has a balance of proteins, carbs, fats and vitamins is difficult especially if you are like me who loves to chomp on junk food often. The sooner you start eating healthy, the faster your growth hormones will circulate and promote strength for the various exercises needed.
  • Stretches: Stretching exercises play a pivotal role in the growth of a human body. Exercises like Yoga, Pilates, endurance training, swimming, biking, etc induce growth. Personally I took up swimming and endurance training at a gym nearby. It assists me to stretch my muscles regularly which helps me grow taller and stronger.

Maintain a routine: Doing justice to an exercise routine is difficult. If you are always on the move ensure to give some time to your body as hormones need to be pumped.

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