Jul 12, 2015

Losing Your Height? Check Your Posture…

There is a good reason why early in life as part of manners we learn to sit straight and stand straight. Somewhere after school and college all these postures are lost in time and space. And late in life when you meet friends some look taller, more fit and some look like they have shrunk. If you are above 50 years and have recently met friends who seem to have changed with times, then it has something to do with their posture. There is a certain co-relation between the two that one needs to understand. This also ensures that the neck and spine are in good health despite aging. This is what aging gracefully is all about.

losing-your-height-check-your-postureWhy good posture is important
No matter what job you have sitting and standing straight is important. The neck and spine need to be respected for they are literally the backbone of the entire body. Learn how grow taller 4 idiots can help you to keep your spine straight all the time. It makes one look fit and smarter. And then having the freedom of a painless spine and neck is always desirable. So if you are stuck in a situation or in an uncomfortable posture, then it is time to make a zonal shift. If not anything else, after many more years your contemporaries will still admire your gait and the way you carry yourself.

Why there is height loss, if at all in adulthood?
1. The bone structure changes and settles at adulthood. When someone works for long the joints get compressed. The discs and padding of the joints come together after prolonged postures. The vertebrae become compressed.
2. The neck shoulder and back show excessive curvature.
3. The vertical alignment of the body undergoes a change.
4. The person tends to move forward and the center of gravity is lost.
5. At all ages one should maintain the axis of the spine to remain fit.

What can be done to improve the posture?
As one ages, the spine, and other joint bones take the shape or posture that one has. Just like the shoe shape alters when one wears it for a longer time, the same happens when one sits in a particular position. The curvature becomes a fixture. It becomes so as one even puts on weight to the body. As one grows, it is crucial to keep the alignment of the spine steady so that it does not stoop. Some simple ways include:

1. Stop pressure on the spine. The compression of the spine can be avoided so it is not shortened. The nerves leave it for the blood vessels to enter. Unevenness will mean that the discs and joints are being pressurized. As space is reduced one gets deprived of the height.
2. The curve should be preserved. The natural curvature is for a good reason. When someone runs or walks briskly or does exercises, the curve acts as a shock absorber. The muscles are like the coil spring for protection.
3. The core of the spine should be restored to its shape. It will assist in maintaining the length and height.

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