Jun 25, 2015

Is there a way to grow taller and rekindle growth?


Everyone agrees to the fact that taller people are better accepted culturally and socially. According to researches made by Grow taller 4 idiots, taller people live happier lives, earn considerable more and live longer than shorter people. Another known fact is that taller men are more appreciated by the opposite sex. Overall everyone agrees that towering a few inches above others always helps.

Expert says that almost everyone stops growing taller after reaching the age of 21 years. So if you are stuck at 5ft 5ins then that’s it. The question is what do you do if you want to grow taller after that? Since growth has pretty much stopped some believe that medical aids can do the job. This is true for the stage of puberty. If natural HGH releasers are used during that stage the rate of growth can considerable increase. The releasers are prescribed for kids suffering from dwarfism. So what do these releasers do for adults? Do they actually work? The HGH releasers are also very popular with bodybuilders. Unfortunately HGH releasers taken after 21 only increase muscles and not height. As per grow taller 4 idiots the side effects of the supplement are also pretty high and the cost is also sky high.

There is one special nutritional supplement which is said to be the ignite of the growth spurt. It is an amino acid and has evidence to prove that it helps release HGH in the body. The same question arises, can HGH increase the height? According to Grow taller 4 idiots a pill which is easily available over the counter is unlikely to perform miracles. Besides it also comes along with a super nasty side effect. It has been known to promote the Herpes virus in people already diagnosed with the disease.

So, are there any there any other proven methods to increase height? There are two surgical options that exist. The first one is very rare and over the top. Word for word it means pulling the leg bones to make them longer. The effects and difficulties, we leave to your imagination. The results for most people are not satisfactory as it results in growth of less than an inch overall. The second alternative implies silicone implants. Many of you may think of the wrong place but we’re talking about the foot soles. The results are similar as the growth may only be up to an inch at max. Implants would definitely make walking a whole lot more comfortable. But if you are not game for surgical solution you could consider lifts. These fit neatly into your shoes and give you the desired raise. Yes, they do not spurt the growth hormone but are cheap, effective and have no side effects.

A safer and better way is exercising and minor changes in one’s lifestyle. The spinal cord in our bodies makes up for 30% of the growth. So slouching and stooping have very adverse effects on our bodies. Pilates, stretching, Yoga and technique mentioned in grow taller 4 idiots are devised for height increase and are effective in the long run. These routines have been known to raise people by 4 inches.

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