May 7, 2015

Increase height by practicing yoga


Practicing yoga to increase height is an interesting topic and you can get various answers over the internet. Now the secret revealed for gaining height naturally and here you will get really untouched facts about yoga to increase height.

Yoga is good for the strength of your body and for the growth of the muscles. It has been proven to work over the time. It helps in strengthening the body and improving the posture. You don’t have to invest in equipments to build a home gym or not even go and pay in the gym. Most of the people like to practice yoga from their own place and if you are someone who is really serious about gaining height by doing yoga then you should read the full article.

Good posture can help you in increasing your height and by practicing yoga you will learn how you can attain good posture. Now just imagine you are standing straight and tall, maintaining this posture permanently, without being slouch. Some people may find it difficult to do but many people will find it difficult even to imagine. But believe me yoga will teach you how you can attain this permanently.

By maintaining your posture straight and tall, you will gain height instantly. Because you are the tallest when you stand straight and if you can achieve this quickly you will be able to see some instant results in terms of gaining height.

Yoga makes your body flexible. This flexibility is required to you for move or walk around with ease. The reason for this is, the more flexible you are the less pressure is on your spine, which help in extension and growth of spine.

There are yoga practices that are focusing in gaining height over the time. These yoga routines are very easy to start. You can release the pressure built on your back and improve your posture. Hence it will really help you stand tall and straight and keep that posture over & again. You can get this topic in detail by using grow taller 4 idiots program very precisely developed by Darwin Smith.

But there is statutory warning. You should speak to your physician or doctor, and check if these yoga routines are right for you.

The first yoga routine is very easy. Put some soft mat on the floor. Sit with cross legs with straight spine. Put your hands softly on your knees. Take a deep breathe in. Lift your arms in the air above your head as you breathe in. Slowly bring them down back to starting position with breathe out. Repeat this practice 3-5 times in the start and slowly increase the repetition over few days.

The second yoga routine is the triangle movement. Triangle movement helps to relieve tension from your back and it’s extremely good for maintaining a good posture. To do the Triangle movement, stand straight with your feet quite far about. If you can maintain gap of 3-4 feet between your feet it will be great. As you inhale lift your arms in the air and as you exhale turn to look along the length of your left arm. As you inhale again stretch your upper body down to your left ankle and when you can go no further place your left hand on the back of your leg and point your right arm to the ceiling. Hold this pose for a few deep breaths and then as you inhale straighten up and come back to your upright normal position. Repeat this movement for the other side of your body.

The third yoga practice is dog and cat and it should be done together. Get on to floor on your all fours. Now inhale your breathe, curve your spine downwards, head pointing upwards and stomach pointing downwards. Hold this position for few seconds and then reverse the position and curve your spine upwards. This will the cat pose. Again hold this position for few times. Repeat this routine 2-3 times.

These techniques are really great in gaining height and these are tested over the time. Follow the above routines regularly to get the maximum benefits. If you cannot do these routine on daily basis, try to do at least thrice a week.

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