Jun 16, 2015

Height Growth Insoles – A Few Ways To Grow Taller


Nicolas Sarkozy was a very short French leader. He was 2.5 inches shy of the average height of a male French citizen. During a talk people noticed he was accompanied by people who were always shorter than him. This led to the start of a chain of accusations pointed at Sarkozy. On an interview during another one of his long talks, unlike him, a lady disclosed that she was just selected because she was shorter than the president. This was all done by Sarkozy to make him appear tall.

Surprisingly Sarkozy was not the only one to do so. A lot of us do this in the real world. We all want to grow taller and when that’s not possible we try to look tall. There are unique techniques which aid the human body to grow taller even after an individual has passed the age of 25 years. Here are a few methods which may help you:

  • Using height promoting insoles: Insoles can be used by anybody regardless of their height. Two classic examples in this light are Sir Cliff Richards and Sir Mick Jagger. Richards used the insoles even after being 5ft 10in tall to stand up to his dancing competitors and Jagger used the insoles to look at pat with his girlfriend on the side who was almost 6ft 2in tall. In Darwin Smith’s grow taller 4 idiots you can get to know the best use of insoles in height increase.
  • Utilize a footstool: Mr. Sarkozy did surround himself with shorter people to look taller but he also used a footstool to deliver some of his iconic speeches.
  • Increase shoes: These are normal shoes with a hidden secret for short people. Vince Graff, an advertising commentator, used these shoes to gain nearly 5 inches overnight. Unlike high heel boots and sophisticated looks this shoe conceals the pedestal inside the shoe. There no one who can tell the difference between an ordinary shoe and the increase shoe.
  • Using fashion to one’s advantage: The fashion world has been known to add a few inches to everyone who uses it the right way. The trick is to wear a singular color from top to bottom without any sudden change in color or pattern. A jeans with a great fit and narrow legs can also accentuate the height a bit.
  • Compromising: For lucky people their partners are quite accommodating. Take Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster for example. She normally towered 4 inches above Stewart but whenever the photographers and fans came by she made it a point to step off the curb to even the odds.
  • Take limitations into consideration: During our teen years we often assume anything is possible. But in reality a 5ft 8in guy dating a 6ft girl looks weird. Even if the partners deem it normal passersby don’t quite agree. A smirk or chuckle is usually heard as they pass.
  • Editing: The reel world has its own tricks up its sleeve. A good edit team and director always try to make the scene look as natural as possible by using a lot of unnatural ways. You know about this if you have watched the movie Topgun. Tom Cruise was made to look a little shorter than her co-star Kelly McGillis to make the age difference evident.

Try these tricks and hacks to help you along the way.

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