May 12, 2015

Enhance your height with these simple tricks


Most of the people do not get increase in their height after the age of 20 or so and when it come question about the females the age for growth is about 18 or so. But if your posture is not perfect, then there are always chances to get 2-3 inches by getting your posture perfect and that is within few weeks or months.

Before going further you must understand that your height can be defined in two different ways. First is called physical height. The height from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet is called the physical height. Another way to measure height is effective height. The height from the top of your head to the ground is called the effective height.

Physical height cannot be increased rather the aging effect can force it to decrease. But you can grow taller 4 idiots add few inches to your effective height by perfecting your posture. Thus it can help you to appear taller.

Your posture cannot be improved on its own. First, you need to diagnose that you have something wrong with your posture. Then you need to take some steps to make it perfect. You have to be disciplined in your approach and your will power should be strong. In other words it can be a difficult task, but if done right you can always add few inches in your height.

To know your posture, stand two feet away from the wall with back towards the wall. Stand straight as you usually do. Do not put your extra effort to stand straight. Now, slowly get back to the wall by moving your feet backwards.

If you are having a perfect posture, then your head, shoulder blade, buttock and heel should touch the wall at the same time. But in most of the cases it won’t. Most of the cases, your head will touch the wall in the last. This means you are having a bad posture, and your head is leaning forward. If your buttocks are touching the wall first, then you are bending forward from your waist. If your feet touch first, it means you are taking a big step while moving backwards and you need to start again.

Deadlifts, pull-downs, chin-ups, dumbbell lateral raises, the French press are very good exercises to get better your posture. But please do these exercises 2-3 times a week. It will give enough time to your body to recover. Beside these exercises, you can also increase your height by practicing yoga. You can learn to do these exercises from youtube where you will get a large of videos.

If you are having a lesser bone or muscle density, it will also affect as loss of height with the increase in age. With the loss of muscles, your body will get weaker. It will make tougher to stand straight. To avoid this, you need to have a lot of minerals and good training.

To maintain your posture right in long term, keep your body hydrated as much as possible. It’s really a simple trick but it always works. You can gain or loss volume to your inter-vertebral disc, depending upon the condition of your body is hydrated or not. If you ignore this trick you may lose 1-3 inches of height till 20.

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