Oct 5, 2014

Does Skipping – Jumping Rope Help You Grow Taller?

Does Skipping – Jump Rope Helps You Grow Taller?

Through this article, I will make you learn how skipping is an easy and  good way for getting taller. You can find lots of articles over the internet stating that skipping is really good for getting taller but most of them will never tell you why. In this article, I will explain each and everything you need to know about skipping.

Basically, skipping is really a high intensity exercise which promotes the release of growth hormones  and this is the main reason that skipping is good for getting taller. Checkout what Darwin Smith in his program grow taller 4 idiots explains about how skipping helps in getting taller. The other reason is, when you repeat the action of jumping again and again, you are telling your body that you want to get taller. This also forces your mind to help you in getting taller.

pvc-skipping-rope When you start skipping, the selection of rope is very vital. Different kinds of skipping ropes are available in the market. But PVC speed rope is the best for the purpose of getting taller.  PVC rope is quite heavy and versatile, so it is quite easy to skip with it and you can skip really fast. That’s why it is also called the speed rope. Other ropes heavier and faster than PVC Speed Ropes are also available in the market.  You can get any one of those but I still recommend to start with the PVC Speed Rope as for the beginners it is quite a lot easier to skip with it than any other leather ropes.

The leather ropes are a lot lighter and you will find quite difficult to spin-out and eventually you will be using your shoulders for  your skipping workout. To stop using the shoulders  for the skipping workout, you can add weight into the handles.

Another important thing is the surface where you are skipping. Try to skip at a softer surface and avoid the concrete surface. Wooden floor can be perfect for skipping. Wooden floor gives a natural bounce & grip. But still you can practice skipping anywhere as wooden floor cannot be available all the time. anywhere as everybody can’t have wooden floor all the time.

Skipping has very low impact on muscles in terms of injuries but you should understand the perfect techniques. Always practice skipping with your shoes on. I recommend the boxing boots. These are not the essential but the reason why I am recommending is that  these have a very thin sole. So your toes will be close to the floor. If you don’t have boxing boots then any shoes having thin sole can be ideal. Running shoes with padding can also be good for skipping. Try finding as thin sole shoes as possible. skipping shoes

To start skipping, spin the rope over your head and start jumping on your toes. In order to avoid any injury to your spine, never land or jump on your heels. Jumping and landing on the toes also gives you natural spring action which makes skipping really very easy.

In the beginning, do it slowly and try to jump as high as possible. Keep your rhythm going. You can move your right leg forward & backward and then do the same with your left leg. You can do this consistently. Basically it is like you are jumping on your one foot and moving your other foot forwards-backwards. It might take some time initially but eventually with the regular practice you can do this easily. It’s all about coordination & balance.

Skipping needs time and proper practice. If you are not getting it right in the beginning, don’t be embarrass, with regular practice you can do it right.

For basic level, I recommend 20 mins. skipping with 1 min skipping and 1 min rest. Repeat or Practice this for 20 mins. for 2-3 times a week. So the actual time for skipping workout will be, 10 mins. If you want to get to advance stage, practice skipping for every single day or before your stretching.

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