Jun 6, 2015

Do Natural HGH Releasers Really Increase Your Physical Height?


A strong body is key to an improved mind. A person who can handle the daily stress and endure the work load of a normal day is generally safe and free from depression and diseases. The strength and stamina of the human body deteriorates with age. This is a huge reason why people constantly search for supplements which help them maintain their youthful energetic vigor for a longer time. HGH releasers are something that a lot of old and middle aged people are using these days. They are also known as HGH supplements.

What happens when you take these supplements?
These supplements increase the level of the Human Growth Hormone or HGH in your body. It is a quintessential hormone produced by the pituitary gland in our bodies. The hormone is at its highest during teenage as it is the natural time for the body to grow taller and stronger.

When a person reaches the age of 25, his/her pituitary gland produces lesser amounts of HGH as they grow older. Mathematically the production goes down by 14% with every passing a decade. Darwin Smith in his program grow taller 4 idiots has explained this very precisely. When a person hits the age of 40, the level of HGH production drops to a third of what it used to be. At the age of 65, the HGH production goes down by almost more than half of what it was when they were younger.

What a low HGH level means?
A lower HGH level in the body has many implications like fat building, weaker immunity, reduced sex drive, lesser lean muscles, aging, wrinkling, thinner skin and weaker bone density. HGH is also essential for the growth and heal tissues in our body. It helps to replace worn out or dead cells with new ones at a faster rate.

More HGH in our body helps us in many different ways like: growth and repair of bones, height increase, fat burning, healthy joints, more lean muscles, increased strength and stamina, calcium retention, keeping the insulin and sugar levels in check and a better immune system.

How more HGH makes you stronger?
The HGH initiates a chain reaction in our bodies which help heal and grow tissues, muscle cells and bones. This happens when it comes in contact of the muscle cell receptors. Bones and muscles are the most important thing in our bodies as they contribute for most of the framework and bulk. So by raising the level of strength of lean muscles, you raise the strength of your bones as well which makes you considerable stronger. This is the reason due to which many young and old adults are using natural HGH releasers to keep their HGH high and stay healthy.

The intake of these natural releasers increases the amount of HGH the body which in turn increases the flow of insulin growth factor or IGF-1 in the liver. The release of this hormone helps the body take the maximum amount of glucose from the food intake. The glucose is then converted to energy which is used to regenerate and build more cells in the body.

By using up the excess glucose, the storage of body fat is discouraged. The IGF-1 also promotes the usage of stored fats by converting them to energy. The HGH in our bodies also maintains the sugar and insulin levels, breaks triglycerides down and speeds up protein synthesis.

The benefits you reap while taking these supplements
The intake of Natural HGH Releasers restores the HGH level to what is was a decade ago. This implies the usage of stored fat cells and better conversion of glucose to energy which as a result give you a great energy boost. This makes you stronger and also raises your endurance levels.

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