Jun 2, 2015

Adjusting the Office Chair Might be Just What You Need to Grow Taller


In today’s world people spend most of their time in office or while doing office work. The mind and body are being over worked every single day of the week. Some jobs are physically tedious and some are mentally challenging. A weird fact about all this is that people generally do not have too many major health issues due to these factors. Office furniture is something people do no think about when buying and using. This may sound strange but the incorrect office chair might have danger consequences on the health.

The chairs used in offices these days have adjustable heights. The height of the seat can be altered by pulling a lever located right below the seat. The pulling on it will cause the chair to go down and pushing it down will standing next to chair will make it rise. These are pneumatic chairs. Older office chairs had thick knobs beneath the seat which could be turn either way for either an increase or decrease in height.
As silly as it sounds, the height of a person’s chair is very critical to his health and work efficiency. This has been explained in grow taller 4 idiots written by Darwin Smith. A chair’s height must be set according to the body type of a person. A chair is supposed to be relaxing and is used to make work easier. Well chairs with the incorrect height do just the opposite. It can cause sharp back pains, bad blood circulation, watery eyes due to the computer screen up front and many other health problems like the development of cysts.

While trying to adjust one’s chair to the correct height the person must place the chair in front of the workstation where he/she will be present most of the time. Most tables today have an added keyboard tray that needs to be taken into consideration as well. The thighs of a person should be well below the tray to promote comfort. For chairs which have non adjustable arm rests, the height needs to be set accordingly.

The chair models today are various and so are their controls and adjustments. The user must clearly and fully understand the functions of each area of the chair before using it for his daily routine. The levers on all chairs are not pneumatic, some have bolts, some have knobs, etc. Once the user completely understands the functionalities of the chair, he/she must start adjusting the height.
Once the height has been adjusted the person should sit and test the position for a while and also use his ergonomic office tools. Once the right combination has been found, the knob should be tightened, if it’s an old chair.

Though this may seem very irrelevant but it is paramount to every office goers’ well being. A relaxed and comfortable seating position avoids all the problems mentioned above and also encourages working at an optimum level. Happier and more comfortable employees will always perform better than their opposite counterparts. It’s a one time fix and takes 10 minutes, if not less. It is highly important and must be taken seriously.

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