Jun 27, 2015

6 Surefire ways to increase height naturally


On asking random people what they would like to change about themselves physically Grow taller 4 idiots received numerous answers saying that they would like to add a few inches to their stature. What most people think is that the height growth stops after a certain age. Well this is incorrect as there are many ways to do the exact opposite. By reading this article you will be well versed with the tips provided by Grow taller 4 idiots.

Tip 1: Stop overeating right before going to bed. What you do not realize is that by overeating before sleeping you are compressing your body which stops growth hormones from acting.

Tip 2: Grow taller 4 idiots also lays emphasis on regular exercise. Exercise also implies an improved posture without slouching. These exercises are specially designed to raise height. According to researchers, exercises are the best way to add inches to your stature.

Tip 3: A proper diet is also essential. As per grow taller 4 idiots people should eye what they eat closely. Eating growth hormone releasing food like amino acids is the best way to spur growth naturally. For instance a chicken salad sandwich eaten roughly 2 hours before an exercise routine is very beneficial.

Tip 4: According to our mothers we should always eat 3 square meals a day in order to be healthy wealthy and wise. Well for people looking to grow taller 5-6 small meals a day are way more effective. Having smaller and regular meals actually releases more growth hormones than usual. The diet should be rich in proteins and amino acids which are normally found in milk, fish and eggs.

Tip 5: Adequate amount of rest is as important as the diet and exercise. The growth hormones are naturally released during our sleep. That is when they are at work.

Tip 6: Taking up Yoga is also a very effective way of dealing with things. The exercises are designed to stretch and rejuvenate every muscle in the body. The exercises not only stretch the muscles but also increase the gap between the spinal vertebrae which causes the spinal cord to elongate and help you grow taller.

Be patient, as all the ways mentioned above are time taken but proven to provide 100% satisfactory results. Also keep in mind that every person’s body is unique and some may a high growth rate and some may not so varying results are normal. Of course there are other ways to increase one’s height but they are not recommended and safe. Do go in for a small check up to look for other problems shunting your growth. Genetics is something which cannot be altered. There are other medical conditions as well which are untreatable and lifelong.

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